Plastic Bag Free Raglan
Pēke Kirihou Kore Whaingaroa
New Zealand

Single-use plastic bags pose a major threat to our waterways and oceans, polluting our beaches and harming our sea life.

Raglan uses 20,000 single-use plastic bags per week during the five months of summer. (Raglan Business Survey, May 2016)

Because we are known as ‘Raglan by the Sea’–it is up to us to take a stand against single-use plastic shopping bags, and do our part for the environment and the water at our doorstep.

Plastic Bag Free Raglan is a community driven project with a goal of creating a plastic bag free Whaingaroa-Raglan by July 2017.

We aim to do this by inspiring Whaingaroa residents, business owners and visitors to be more conscious of their environmental impact by supporting reusable shopping bags within our community.

Click here to sign the Letter of Community support.